Overcoming Obstacles: Overcoming Dilemmas? What Now?

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Overcoming Obstacles Have you ever found yourself pondering “what now?” after having made a goal that seemed easy enough to achieve, only to find yourself facing a dilemma? Perhaps, the individual is a first time home buyer needing a much higher than anticipated amount as a down payment for a new home. So, how does this person handle this issue that is keeping them from buying their new home? Where would a person in this scenario, even begin to look for answers after such devastating news? How does the individual perceive this dilemma? The answer to “what now?” is based on the individual’s character, thought process, and support system. How an individual’s character is shaped is through being able to handle situations similar to this homebuyers dilemma. The individual’s response, thoughts, ideas, and feelings are all integrated into how the individual begins to face this problem (Harrington, 2012). The initial reaction of this individual helps mold them into who they are as a person. The individual begins to process their thoughts and allow themselves to brainstorm ideas that could help them achieve the desired goal. Another important aspect of this process is how the individual begins to process their thoughts in regards to the issue and expands thoughts related to the possible outcome.…show more content…
However, not only is the thought process important, but also the way the thoughts are processed. If an individual has positive expectations of their outcome, then the individual will begin to explore ways to achieve this goal as if it is foolproof. This spark of light is all it takes for the individual to begin to feel hopeful towards achieving their goals by their own actions and plans. By creating possibility, the person creates hope. After pondering over their own ideas, thoughts, and possible plans of action the person seeks out ways to support the ideas set in
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