Overcoming Obstacles For My Life

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In life you have everyday obstacles that you are faced with, some obstacles are big and some are small, but in spite of the obstacles you strive to overcome them. Learning to read and write was a huge obstacle for me because when I was younger I didn’t care about anything but video games and toys. Later, as I grew up I saw the importance of those essentials and eventually learned how to read and write. Even though I could read and write I had to face a lot of adversity just because I stutter. It 's times where I had to read out loud and was so nervous that I would stuttered, or times where I would be talking and get tongue tied and people would laugh, but as I got older I stop caring what people think of me and overcame it. Overcoming it was very puzzling, but with the help of my parents and teachers I overcame it. As I got older reading and writing became more difficult for me so I had to get an after school tutor. My after school teacher help me out tremendously, she broke down everything to me in a way I can relate to it. Another mentor was my sister, she was probably one of the best readers and writers in her class. She would always help me when I had a paper, she explained to me that I had to expand my vocabulary and make it sound interesting because nobody wants to read a boring paper. My parents stayed on top of me and made sure I was reading my daily readings and writing my sentences every night Even though I struggled sometimes, I enjoyed every bit of it, and without my teachers and parents I don 't think I would be where I am today. Learning new things has always been entertaining to me, because i 'm gaining knowledge and bettering myself. Learning is a must for me because I can never be content with what I just kno... ... middle of paper ... ...to be able to read outside the lines and understand what you’re talking about. I feel like i 'm a in between reader I 'm not really good at it, but i 'm not bad at it either. Reading was very difficult to me because I struggled at it but as I grew older and started reading more. I think as myself as a bad writer just because I never get higher than an 80 on any of my papers. I feel like it 's because I always wait to the last minute to write papers, and I never plan ahead of time. In conclusion nothing comes easy, you have to work hard because practice makes perfect. In life you face adversity and obstacles not only in the classroom but in the real world. You have to overcome them and make it a turning point for something good because anything easy is never good. Having a mentor helps with your consistency in the classrooms and in life and helps you better yourself.
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