Overcoming Jealousy In William Shakespeare's Othello

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Is it only natural for us to be jealous? Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity; it is the root of all evil. Many things that lead to jealousy, for example are our jobs, relationships, and material goods, simply because we don’t want to lose them. Humans don’t have much control over jealousy; it is an instinctive emotion that everyone will feel at some point or another. Its intensity is often shielding emotions that have been buried of possessiveness, insecurity or embarrassment. The extent of madness that jealousy will bring a person in to is alarming. It is true that jealousy is the fear of abandonment because it will leave people with nothing in life, as it did to Othello in William Shakespeare’s story Othello. Othello was a…show more content…
The obstacle that Lago placed on Othello’s life became too much too handle and bruised his ego, causing him to lose sight of what he truly loved. Overcoming jealousy is at times nearly impossible, although there are a few steps you can take to end jealous reactions, step one recover personal power and get in control of your emotions. Step two; shift your point of view so that you can allow yourself some time to step away from the situation. Step three; identify the core beliefs that triggered your jealousy reaction. Step four; become aware that the jealous tendencies you are feeling are not real. Step five; develop control over your attention so that you can knowingly beware and choose the situations you foresee in your mind. Although Othello did not overcome his jealousy that Lago was feeding him, these are a few steps he could have taken to prevent the innocent deaths of Cassio, Desdemona, and himself. It is important to not be jealous of what others have and to focus on the path to success in which is desired. Feeling insecure in a situation similar to Othello’s is unnecessary when it is such a simple problem with such a simple
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