Overcoming Hardship In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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Enduring hardship is a part of life and something we all must go through. But, through overcoming these obstacles we become stronger and better people. We become more capable of improving our lives and the lives of those around us. They increase our endurance and what we are able to accomplish by pushing us to our limits. The Color Purple follows a journey towards independence and self-confidence through overcoming hardship. Sometimes a tragedy can help you discover something you didn’t even know you needed such as in Legally Blonde where main character Elle Woods—rich, outgoing, slightly ditsy sorority girl who had almost everything she wanted—inadvertently embarks on a journey towards gaining dignity and self-respect as a woman in the eyes …show more content…

If she don’t, I content…this the lesson I was supposed to learn.” (Walker 283) Celie says. Then her transformation after overcoming these hardships is completed by the pants she makes. This is shown most prominently through a conversation she has with Mr., “Men and women not suppose to wear the same thing. Men spose to wear the pants” (Walker 271) he says, “So?” (Walker 271) she replies. This exchange of Celie standing up to one of her main past oppressors shows how Celie has come full circle in her journey, will not be submissive in her relationships anymore and, in turn, will not conform to the social stereotypes women are expected to fit. Pants are clothes traditionally worn by men and symbolize power in a relationship and the fact that Celie literally ‘wears the pants’ by the end of this book symbolizes her growth in becoming strong, independent, and confident in herself by overcoming her traumatic …show more content…

Her world starts to fall apart when her boyfriend Warner breaks up with her in favor of a more ‘serious’ companion as he puts it. This turmoil sparks and drives a desire in Elle to pursue law school in order to prove her worth to him. Originally she found all of her self-worth in her looks and this unfortunate event in her life drives her to find a deeper validation in herself. Upon acceptance into Harvard law school she faces yet another challenge: her shallow and girlish personality is looked down upon by many of her fellow students and she has to struggle greatly to gain their respect. She is ostracized and made fun of on many occasions but she continues to plow on through these situations with confidence and each circumstance seems to prepare her and make her stronger for the next. For example one of the first rejections she receives is when she attempts to join a study group with Warner’s new girlfriend Vivian. They simply laugh at her, make snarky comments about her sorority days, and make references to her being nothing but a dumb blonde. This first time around she takes her defeat with her tail between her legs for the most

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how overcoming hardship makes us stronger and better people. the color purple follows a journey towards independence and self-confidence.
  • Analyzes how celie must endure an immeasurable amount of tragedies in order to transform into a strong, confident, and independent woman.
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