Overall Analyses of Toyota JOS and PCS

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Overall Analyses of Toyota JOS and PCS

Toyota operates its companies anywhere in the world with more precise way, they can manufacture parts of different models of cars of the same category in one factory. Also it produces some parts of the cars’ engines in one factory and then transports them to the production lines to be installed by models. Process costing system is considered the main process that Toyota relies upon to manufacture thousands of its identical products to their customers around the world. In some cases, the Toyota company uses job order system to assigns cost for customers who wish special order of custom vehicles. The customer orders special specifications for his car, therefore , the company goes through specific process to comply with the costumer and finally the company will earn good revenues from this order. In the other hand , Toyota uses hybrid system to manufacture many cars that comply with specific orders which are highly demanded in the local market. This efficient process which is adapted by Toyota, proved the best results that make Toyota one of the best company in the world. It is the best way to compete with cars manufactures in the world. As a result of an experiment was done by Toyota engineers and experts, they reported “ The drivers in our unique experiment reported a universally positive experience of hybrid, with over 80% feeling less stressed, frustrated and angry. They really did end up calmer and happier behind the wheel. (The Hybrid Experiment, 2012)

According to the assays, the team wrote about Honda. Both members states that Honda company relies more upon the process costing system to manufacture most of its vehicles. It produces thousands of non-customized identical cars throughout ...

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...mponent”. While both talked about Toyota and its competitor, Honda company , Alex takes Honda as an example business company to talk about job order system in his essay. He explains “The job order costing is mainly used for servicing cars or for advertisement campaigns or a recall on parts” he mentions that Honda is a car manufacture that is a hybrid costing system but is mainly based on process costing.

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