Over-emphasizing Grades

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Life for most people, if depicted as a graph, contains a blend of inclines and drops. As for the average SAS (Shanghai American School) teenager however, the ‘occasional’ downhill has successfully developed into a perpetual succession of Grand Canyon cliff drops down to the pits of dejection with rare sightings of mere knoll sized rises in mood. This situation has but one inducer: excessive stress caused by excessive emphasis on academics brought upon by the SAS society. Although ridden with good intent, the underscoring of grades and numbers has had more negative impacts on students than it has benefitted them. In order to remedy the situation, SAS should reduce the amount of homework and alter education to cater to the needs and specialities of each individual students. By constantly reiterating the importance of a number, the focus becomes the number. Excelling in academics often correlates with relatively high grades and thus, parents constantly sermonize about grades’ importance and push students to score ever higher. Although not always noted, research has proven that ‘parents are their children’s strongest role model and greatest influence’ (B) often ‘children will eventually adopt many of your values’ (B). What parents accentuate, students will take note of and will believe in too. This emphasizing of the import of academics will sear a burning equation with academics and high grades on either sides of an equal sign into the minds of students, victims to all but a few tirades concerning academics. The gaining of real practical knowledge, not mentioned at all during these lectures, becomes lost in translation and forgotten. Therefore, students perceive the grade itself as more important than the retainment of knowled... ... middle of paper ... ...s proved the potency of such education. Shanghai American School should too abandon the system of the past and embrace this improved form of education. SAS contains many young and bright minds. However each day, I see far too many untapped potential buried within these minds, concealed by instilled impulse to achieve the grade! Asides from the harm pressure to achieve high grades can cause, students should not have passion and eagerness stunted for something relatively insignificant. With no change, SAS students will forever suffer the wake of downhill drops in spirituality. Only by reforming the education system may SAS emancipate its students of the academic’s oppression. Only by relieving academic stress may students find the value in knowledge. Only by discovering knowledge’s worth will Shanghai American School students become truly valuable members of society.
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