Ovarian Carcinoma

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Ovarian carcinoma, more commonly known as ovarian cancer (OVCA), is a disease in which one has a cancerous tumor in their ovary (the female reproductive organ where eggs are produced). This specific form of cancer has three main types of tumors. The most common type is called an Epithelial Tumor and is mainly found in adults. This tumor comes from cells on the ovary’s surface. The second type of tumor is called a Germ Cell Tumor, it’s rare and most common in children and teenage girls. This type comes from the cells that produce eggs in the ovary. The last tumor is called the Stromal Tumor, which comes from the cells holding the ovaries together. Ovarian cancer is one that is also referred to as metastatic. This means it spreads from its original location to other locations inside the body (Nordqvist). Though there are many signs and symptoms to detect if a person may have this cancer, those signs may go unnoticed.
There are many signs and symptoms of OVCA and as time goes on, they may gradually worsen. Symptoms such as pelvic pain, back pain, constipation and pain during sexual intercourse are more common in the early stages of OVCA. As the cancer worsens, one may experience symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite as well (Nordqvist).
Though there is no known cause for OVCA, there are many risk factors that may increase a person’s chance of getting it. There are risk factors that can be controlled such as birth control and diet. Other factors such as family history and age are among those that cannot be controlled, nor changed. Studies show women that have used birth control pills, have less risk of getting ovarian cancer. The risk is lower the longer the pill is taken, and it remains this way even after u...

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...symptoms and one’s family history may increase the chance of survival for many women today.

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