Outweighing the Ugliness of the Industrial Revolution

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There are positive and negative sides to every event and the Industrial Revolution was no exception. There were many improvement accompanied by drawbacks during the industrialization. During the Industrial Revolution, new directions of science were taken, new ways of life were started, and new technologies were invented and these positive result of industrialization outweighed the pains it brought upon the people and environment. With science taking a new direction, people became healthier as vaccines, pasteurization, anesthesia, antiseptics, and the importance of personal hygiene were introduced. With the scientific advancements, scientists were able to study deadly diseases more closely. After the germ theory was introduced, Louis Pasteur developed vaccines to combat rabies and anthrax and introduced pasteurization to killed disease-carrying microbes in milk. The discovery of vaccinations enabled people to become immune to the deadly diseases out in the world. Florence Nightingale introduced the necessary sanitary measures that each hospitals should take and Joseph Lister discovered antiseptics that should be used to sterilize instruments before being used to operate surgeries. After these introductions of sanitary measures in hospitals, the rate of patients who died of infection days after the surgery decreased. People were able to live longer and survive more diseases, consequently increased the population and supply of workers. As cities started to industrialize, farmers crowded into cities for job opportunities. These farmers became factories workers or miners who faced harsh conditions as they were packed into tenements with no running water, sewage, or clean drinking water. Besides their harsh living conditions, factory... ... middle of paper ... ...tion, machines were fueled by steam-engine which released large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The wide usage of steam-powered locomotives and railroads only intensified the air pollution. But, without these exploitations, the world would never be as it is now. Without the developments such as the steam-engine, countries wouldn’t be able to develop machines that increase the productivity and lower the prices of goods. The positive results of the Industrial Revolution was worth the negative consequences it brought onto Earth because cities wouldn’t be able to develop and half of the population would continue to farm and use the putting-out system to make clothes and goods. The Industrial Revolution moved civilizations into a new age where traveling became easier and faster, cities became cleaner and safer, and goods became cheaper and more accessible.

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