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. Describe the skills or attributes you believe are necessary to be an outstanding teacher. The attributes of an outstanding teacher are deeply rooted in being an effective instructor whose primary focus is to develop an impactful learning environment conducive to promoting the success of the whole student. An effective teacher utilizes best practices in the classroom to guide instruction that promotes the success of students within the educational setting. This type of teacher would also seek opportunities to develop positive relationships with students by learning their interest, learning styles, and comfort level with school subjects as well as to be cognizant of environmental factors which may impact their learning. An effective teacher collects and analyzes data and uses the data in decision making in order to provide…show more content…
I love my job, students and colleagues. I have been afforded many other opportunities and professional development within this district. I recently received a doctoral degree in educational leadership and have mastered all of my current goals. I have the educational background and experience in leadership and would like to share it, therefore I have established a new goal to become an effective principal and lead a school to receive the Palmetto Finest Award. 2. What are the two most critical things that you would do as a school administrator to improve overall student achievement and ensure that every child is learning? 1000 characters As a principal in Dorchester County School District 2, my primary focus will be to ensure that every student receives high quality instruction every day. My plan for achieving this will be through, research based professional development for the needs of the staff, and building a collaborative culture that will review, analyze, and make data driven decisions to effectively impact student achievement and

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