Outsourcing of America

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Outsourcing of America

In an increasingly globalize society, it is nothing new to hear about product development and assembly going abroad. Factory jobs have been moved to other nations for decades, and more recently, customer call centers are being relocated to foreign nations. With the current downturn in the economy, people are looking to at this situation in an increasingly negative way. Not all work that moved abroad ended in satisfaction, yet the trend appears to be spreading to new jobs and industries. With the growing population of college educated in foreign nations, software development jobs are shipping overseas. With many incentives associated with outsourcing to various countries versus keeping jobs in the country, companies are laying-off employees and closing down offices. We will discuss the effects that this trend has on people here in the United States, its effect on people in the foreign nations, and explore the ethics behind the shifting jobs to other nations.

A Look at Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a growing trend, but the term can encompass many development strategies. Software outsourcing is: 1.) the contracting (or subcontracting) with an external organization for the development of complete or partial software products, 2.) the purchase of packaged or customized package software products, or 3.) activities to aid in the software development life cycle[1]. The efforts that are not outsourced are called in-house efforts. In-house efforts ate those efforts that are completely developed within the customer organization. Many organizations have information technology (IT), prototyping, applications, or otherwise-names departments responsible for in-house applications development. Introducing a littl...

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