Outsourcing, The Key to Globalization

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The concept of outsourcing in the Unied States goes back to 80's. But it was in the 90's that really companies began to use it more and more and they found out that this is something that really works for them. Outsourcing is defined as "the practice of subcontracting manufacturing work to outside and especially foreign or nonunion companies." This concept became very widely used in practice today in the United States. Firms such as IBM, Sprint, AT&T, Dell Hewlett Packard, and Novell are some of the major companies which have really been successful using it for a while now. Despite companies success there are still many questions raised whether the US gains more than it looses or the other way around. This controversial issue might be considered a big problem for the US economy, and yet on the other hand it might also be considered a great idea. The issue has been brought up for a while now and it's still being debated. Outsourcing has brought many advantages for companies, but we should ask if it really brought advantages to America as a country. Is it more important that companies become more competitive in the international market, Americans loose jobs, and our economy suffers or should we keep Americans have jobs, and be less competitive. Also, there are serious issues that make outsourcing abnormal which include the manipulation of currencies by foreign governments, the control of workers rights and the absence of environmental regulations, where this is the ethics part. These questions might be easy to answer but how should these issues be administered so that everyone is happy. Is there such a way that every one would be happy? I personally doubt it, and I don't think that this issue will ever go away for the fa... ... middle of paper ... ...it (Lok, 2005). The problem with this argument is that actually the 20 to 30 percent of employees consists of white collar or close to white collar employees who I believe would American people rather have than have them work in any other place than America. Outsourcing is a subject in which there is a lot to analyze a talk about. There is many issues which are currently in the air and which are still being debated and will probably be debated for the next few years. What we conclude based on these presented issues is that everything will always have negatives and positives. I think that America should closely look and try to figure something out that will satisfy its own people and not just leave as it is. They should realize that not having enough jobs, or keep making loose jobs is not un answer. It looks like it might be getting worse and worse.
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