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Outsourcing has a solution, and the President and Legislators can help to solve this problem. To compete with foreign countries, the U.S. Government must create more jobs here in America for the American people to rebuild the economy and protect the environment. The Government should prohibit companies from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and protect American jobs by creating programs that will help us make the change to new jobs. Job training opportunities, financial compensation like tax breaks for job creations, health benefits and salary should all be included.
The U.S. Government has to give corporations financial incentives to keep the jobs here, such as tax incentives. It has to be a win for the economy. Otherwise, companies will continue to take the jobs overseas. In the late 1990’s the high tech jobs did wonders for the economy helping to reduce the jobless rate to its lowest level in decades. These days, most high tech jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries which leave many American job seekers looking for jobs or standing in the unemployment line.
The first advantage is the economy. Outsourcing U.S. jobs to foreign countries has stimulated investments for some foreign countries. Some have built economies predicated on outsourcing. President Obama has proposed several tax measures aimed at encouraging American companies to bring jobs home. He laid out a vision for strengthening the US economy and by focusing on tax inequality and making the case for his economic leadership (Garcia, 2012). Also, in 2004, Senator Kerry attempted to reverse the outsourcing of U.S jobs by proposing a bill that will give tax incentives to American companies to keep jobs in the United States, close tax loopholes that require...

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... highest tax rate in the world. This needs to be changed. They need to lower the rate for companies that choose to stay here and hire here in America.

The outsourcing of U.S. jobs can be solved. The President and Legislators of this country will need to work together as a team to stop companies from sending jobs to foreign countries. They need to promote jobs and repair the terrible damage the recession has done to make America more competitive with other countries. The unemployment rate has decreased, but we have a long way to go if the Government does not prohibit U.S. companies from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. As middle class Americans, we have to make our voices heard. We need to convince our politicians that outsourcing has damaged the economy and they need to create incentive packages for U.S companies to bring our jobs back to America.
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