Outsourcing American Jobs

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Outsourcing of American jobs overseas is displacing American's in the United States. American blue-collar workers and the Middle Class American will soon be a word of the past if the US government continues outsourcing the low-skill jobs overseas.

One of the concerns in regards to the outsourcing of jobs is that wages of American jobs versus the wages of the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Philippians are much less. If these workers were using the same identical technology and having the same identical skills were paid the same wages, there would be no problem. (Greene, 2006) It's also believed that if the US continues to trade freely with the overseas countries then the powerful drag of their far lower wages will begin dragging down American's average wages. (Greene, 2006)

Economist has found that tax cuts offered to large manufactures have caused productivity to go up. The manufactures are actually given tax breaks to be able to purchase more machinery to do the jobs and therefore fewer laborers are needed, causing a large number of workers to be displaced. The tax act that was initiated by Bush administration for big businesses was the "bonus depreciation". Under this act the more the companies spend on equipment the less the tax they have to pay.

The American economic recovery is several years old but yet jobs and workers income have failed to recover as it has in the past. It is estimate that the outsourcing of jobs is swiftly moving up the chain to skilled and specialist workers. The question remains is anyone safe from outsourcing? (Business Week p.26)


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is transferring services or operating functions that are traditionally perf...

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... of all low-paid workers should be increased and that workers should have more rights to become involved in the union. (Greene, 2006)

Outsourcing should not be allowed to cause U.S. citizens to be jobless, or receive low wages due to business relocating their productions to other countries. Moreover, if free trades continues in the way that it is going, it will bring down America's average

wage. Furthermore, if big companies still keep getting tax breaks for buying machinery less and less workers will be needed, meaning, that people will be out of work. Additionally, if outsourcing keeps moving up the chain in taking skilled worker's jobs, (i.e. I.T. jobs, computer programming) there will be no jobs left for American workers. Lastly, if the government doesn't raise wages proportionally to productivity, consumers will not have any money to buy goods or services.
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