Outlooks on Wealth and Poverty by Religion

Wealth and poverty is a key issue in many religions. Wealth is one

someone has money and has the extra privileges of life and poverty is

when someone can't even afford the basics of life. There is a wealthy

side of the world and there is a poverty stricken side of the world.

There is a divide between these two parts of the world. This divide is

commonly known as "the north south divide", which basically means that

the rich countries like Britain and the USA are situated in the west

side of the world and the poverty stricken countries like Sudan and

Bangladesh are situated in the north side of the world.

Thirdly Christians believe that wealth can lead to corruption. They

believe that no one can serve both god and money, they get this view

from the bible from Mathew 6:24 "you cannot serve both money and god.

When someone becomes greedy and corrupt they believe that wealth is

the cause and therefore wealth is wrong. This shows that the issue of

wealth is controversial.

Fourthly, the issue of poverty in Christianity. Christians believe

that people who have money should have a first priority to help and

give to the poor. They believe this because the church leads by

example i.e. "the church should concern itself with …….the poor and

needy……." A statement by the archbishop's commission on church.

Another reason why Christians believe it good to help the poor is

because Jesus encouraged the wealthy to help the poor. A good example

today of Christians helping the poor would be the aid company

Christian Aid. Christian Aid helps poor people all around the world

especially in Africa. Christian aid is obviously a Christian

organization but it is the perfect role model for other Christians and

it's following Jesus' example.

In Islam wealth is something that is thought to be a gift from god;

this is very much like in Christianity. Muslims believe that if

someone is wealthy they should give to the poor, this is known as
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