Outline: Pro Athletes As Role Models

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Thesis: Professional athletes need to censor/behave themselves better in this media strong age.

Organizing Sentence: It may be wishful thinking for our beloved professional athletes to be proper role models for kids; but some may say that athletes should still have an obligation to be role models on the grounds of always being on a public stage, the abuse of drugs and steroids kids bring on is largely because of what they see the professional sport heroes doing, and particularly the African-American race needs them as role models.

I. Athletes are fully aware of how easily secrets can get out and into the public and with that public stage they are obligated to perform with class on and off the field.

A. Michael Vick, yes everyone knows he was convicted of his own dog-fighting ring, the NFL reprimanded him setting a grounds that what you do off the field will also come back to you on the job.

B. Kids are replicating professional behavior with one reportedly pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in paralyzing another hockey player. (ABC news)

C. With reported sexting, bribery, assault, drunk driving, and manslaughter (among other charges) kids see this behavior and respect for law or social standards diminishes.

II. Professional athletes are part of the problem children abuse drugs and steroids.

A. Kids are using steroids to become stronger better players at their sport, which cripples them later in life. (Calfee and Fadale)

B. Angel Cabrera among other professional golfers have been on camera smoking cigarettes saying it keeps them calm on the course, with Angel being a major winner some feel that kids may see something to it and emulate this behavior. (worldgolf.com)

III. The African-American race with its dominance ...

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...pension) but the league sent a message to one of its most talented players that these mere allegations won’t be tolerated and you will honor the league, along with people paying to watch you. Ben’s case wasn’t the only one with Adam Pacman Jones handed a 4 game suspension for conduct with his assigned bodyguard and suspected intoxication. He was at a hotel with a few witnesses and complaints from people who didn’t want to see such violent behavior in the lobby of the hotel. These athletes are role models whether they like it or not and their leagues are starting to really crackdown and spell out to them that you are decent citizens or you are unpaid suspended players.

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