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RESEARCH PAPER Kate Chopin And The Story Of An Hour College: ASA College Instructor: Dr. Bernd Goehring Student: Jun Xiao Course: ENG 250 Semester: Fall 2015 Kate Chopin And The Story Of An Hour Introduction Kate Chopin is a famous American writer, and she is one of the first feminist author of the 20th Century, some ideas about modern feminism was borne on her papers. She is famous for her describing the cultural and folk around New Orleans (Louisiana) area, particularly in the depiction of the spirit of liberty, the pursuit of emotional…show more content…
In her lifetime, she written two novels and three short story collections, in which she portrayed women and reflected on the issue of women. Her first story is “Emancipation: A Life Fable”, which is short story about freedom and restriction. After that, she written many other famous works, such as The Story of an Hour, The Awakening, The Storm, Regret, etc. She became famous for her novel The Awakening, though she was largely forgotten at that time after this book was banned. Her short stories and novels offering an excellent ideas on the lives of American women of that time. Among them, the most famous short stories include “The Story of an Hour”, “Desiree’s Baby”, etc. So, this research paper focuses on her short story-“The Story of an Hour”. As Evans, Robert C., ed (2001) noted, this story is also praised highly by the feminist…show more content…
This story based on the social reality of the American South at the end of 19th century and the Kate Chopin’s life experience. After read “The Story of an Hour”, we can get some detail information about the protagonist’s self consciousness, thus we know that woman’s values was ignored by American main stream society and imposed constrains on spiritual freedom at that time. In the “The Story of an Hour”, the writing style is so unique that give every reader a surprise when read at the end of the story. The story focused on Mrs. Mallard’s actions and behaviors after she got the news her husband has been killed in a train accident from her sister. The characters in this story were so lively and I read it many times, every time I got new ideas and thoughts after I read this

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