Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell

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Success is a unique characteristic that almost everybody has strived for since the beginning of time. There are many different ways to define and explain success, and in Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell sets out to rationalize it and explain the circumstantial happenings that lead people to the success they have acquired. Success is about becoming an outlier; someone who has completely mastered their craft and is an expert in their field that few other people would be able to match. No matter your stance on Obama’s success as a president, it is fact that to win the election in the first place Obama already had to be a major success. Gladwell argues many claims that strive to help his audience understand the factors that come together to create success. Some claims he argues revolve around how success is determined by someone’s childhood and the way they were raised. He also states how time period and work ethic play major roles in the quest for success. One person who fits almost any definition of success is United States President Barack Obama. Becoming the leader of the free world is a position that requires an abundance of work ethic and success. President Obama’s rise to success is a perfect example of how many of Gladwell’s claims have come together to create one of the most successful people in history. President Obama himself has recognized the fact that work ethic, intelligence, and creativity to shape the world to their desires are all necessary components for a person of success. Gladwell claims that these unique abilities is a main aspect that plays into the production of success, and Obama has displayed this quality in every step of his path to presidency. In 2009, President Obama stated, “We did not come here ... ... middle of paper ... ...uccess. In conclusion, President Barack Obama is unarguably a success and when delving deeper into his history the distinct advantages he had proves why he was able to be so successful. Obama’s environment and work ethic completely coincide with Malcolm Gladwell’s reasons behind success. Gladwell claims that determination, parenting, childhood, and a person’s time period all play crucial roles in their success; and in the case of President Obama, Gladwell is completely correct in his claims. President Obama is a success for multiple reasons, some due to his own motivation and some from external forces. In the end, they all played a role to create an individual that despite adversity was able to overcome and prosper. No matter how you define success, Obama is a clear picture of it, and Gladwell’s claims easily explain how Obama managed to grow into this success.

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