Outlets Must be On Their Toes to Compete in Today's Market

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Innovation & creativity is the order of the day. Outlets, especially in the retail industry, have to be on their toes, providing the optimum service quality to its customer in order to make & hold their position in the market. As comparison spices up in different domains & verticals of the organized retail game, as many of the foreign players are entering to India & other Indian retail brands consolidating & expanding with a vengeance, one cannot afford to relax & take the customers lightly. Service quality is of the paramount importance when one talks about delivering the services to customers. This study demonstrated the actual measurement of service quality in Ranchi the outlets of Reliance Fresh & Big Bazaar where the customers overall evaluation of service quality was examined with the help of SERVQUAL model. The finding of the study reveals the difference in customer’s perception & expectation of the service quality as indicated by negative score in the gap analysis.
Despite the gap in the service quality in both the stores, customers will shop there because of an apparent experience of value for money in conjunction with convenient location of the outlets, which neutralizes the negative gap score as also the gap score is not highly negative.
It has been observed from the analysis that customers want a store which provide the assured service & tangible aspect enhance their service experience, whereas reliability & responsiveness is least importance expected from the multi brand outlets. Both the stores perform poorly on empathy parameter which needs to be improved by both the outlets as it affects the customer loyalty.
Both the multi brand outlets needs to improve their service quality as both stores lacks in certain areas o...

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...ch created problem in completing the work.
9) Some respondents were non-cooperative at the time of data collection from them.
10) The research was depending on the information given by the respondents. It may be insufficient.
11) There was unwillingness of respondents to fill the questionnaire due to their busy schedule
12) Limited knowledge of customers about the services offered by the retail outlets.
13) Due to financial and time constraints the research does not include more respondents from different locations.
14) A busy schedule of respondents had made my collection of information very difficult.
15) To convince respondents to give proper interview.
16) There was unwillingness of respondents in giving actual information about their personal information like income, mobile number.
17) Literacy level was one of the factor in filling the questionnaire in my area

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