Outcome Of Great Depression In The Glass Menagerie And Troy Maxon

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Outcome of Great Depression and Racial discrimination Rich people have been known to dominate the society since the birth of America but this changed during the 1930s and 1950s. The Great Depression during 1930s and Civil Rights Movements deeply affected American lifestyles forever. People transformed into a new phase of life where everyone is promised to have equal rights and wealth in the society. In conflict with the poor, the rich people who hold over almost all the power in the society are not willing to give off their rights easily and with the recession poor people suffered massively. The Glass Menagerie takes place in the recession while Fences takes place in racial discriminated society. Tom in The Glass Menagerie and Troy Maxon in Fences highlights the major problems in the society and how their family get affected by those problems. Every poor American family face the same crisis of failure to reach the American dream because poor families in America do not have the same advantages as rich families; The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams shows the 1930s family crisis of excessive materialistic needs while Fences by August Wilson highlights the 1950s family crisis of racial segregation. To begin with The Glass of Menagerie shows the changes in the society bought by Great Depression during 1930s. Tom struggles to maintain a job at the warehouse. Although he believes this job is making him “crippled” (Williams 17) or he is going to end up spending his money satisfying his mom’s dreams. Tom starts feeling there is no need for living with his mom, Amanda and sister, Laura because their excessive materialistic needs are impossible to fulfill. Tom always “fantasizes about the future” (Domina 5) that one free of all his r... ... middle of paper ... ...rtunities; The Glass Menagerie holds up the 1930s family crisis of excessive demands in Tom’s family during the recession while in Fences the 1950s family crisis of racial discrimination is presented by Troy Maxon. The difficulties bought by Great Depression in making the wants into reality are demonstrated by Tom in The Glass of Menagerie. The racially segregated society of 1950s is highlighted by the novel Fences trough the struggling life of Troy Maxon and his family. Both the novel shows the struggle caused by social problems in fulfilling their needs and their outcome. The poor families still today does not have the same advantages as the rich resulting in failure to achieve their American Dream. In addition, we argue to be living in an equal society but the differences still exists and how much we try to overcome this bitter truth it tries to be coming back.

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