Outcast, a True Story: Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack

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A little girls perception of the world forces her to wear a mask concealing away her true self. Underneath is someone who is scared and lonely because the “fear of being judged is so powerful many leave their true selves in hiding forever” (JAJAvankova) and she is not an exception. Leaving a void that yearns for friends, “not friends with the same mask but those with the same reason to hide under them...”(JAJAvankova). Artistically based on a true story, the concept by Jaja Vankova and assisted by Phillip Chbeeb, told this tragic story through the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands main theme. The performance was filmed on location at the Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio on North Hollywood, Ca in Los Angeles and uploaded to the Youtube channel “Jajavankova” on January 1, 2013. Portraying the fear that roots itself in the mind of the little girls head as a result of other peoples actions. Successfully telling the story through the different styles of dances, the technical embodiment of the dramatic tale, and how the overall piece was preformed best to the tragicness of the story. The little girl looking for expectance and fearing for that expectance brought this story to life.
Phillip Chbeeb begins the tale with a monolog introducing Jaja’s character as lonely and companionless with only painted stick people on her hands for company. The feeling of despair fills the atmosphere when all seems lost to the darkness that plagues the little girl. Until all of the sudden her world begins to come alive with the presents of new friends that alleviate that atmosphere of despair. They wear masks as well because they to have the same reasons to hide under them. This group begins to dance as one as if they have always been together. The li...

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...ankova ).
Jaja’s and Phillip’s concept approached this piece with respect to the tale this it is artistically based on. The success of the piece relied on all of the participants conveying the visual images of fearing the judgment of others. The technical aspects on the less is more philosophy, not bring down the performance with unnecessary added sounds or props. As well as the care in the planning for the different dance styles brought variety and an added dramatic affect to the whole performance. These elements brought out the tragedy that the “fear of being judged is so powerful many leave their true selves in hiding forever. As she approached the edge of insanity she realized she was still alone... Waiting to be accepted... to be loved.”

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