Out the Darkness

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She walked into the hunter=s lodge alone, covered in exotic and rare furs shaking off the snow, feeling her body chilled from the winter winds. As she removed her stoll, she revealed a golden bronze body kissed from the sun that shimmered in the firelight. Her leather corset was cinched tightly at the waist. Her thong was made of the finest deerskin and melted into her like a second skin. It was soft and supple against her toned thighs and smell of the leather aroused her. Her body fevered from the enticing aroma of the soft leather kissing her heated flesh. The snow was still falling outside, the fire crackled in the hearth as it warmed the spiced wine for the guests. As she entered, the room was filled with the essence of desire. This lodge was one of her favorite places in the mountains, especially in winter, offering quiet respite and comfort among the guests. He was sitting in a large chair close to the fire. He was able to observe her entrance and smiled softly to himself, realizing she was unaware of His presence. Observing her on more than one occasion, He watched her every motion, realizing that her wants and needs were of a woman that had seen many sorrows. She intrigued Him, he could see that she became one with the darkness, thriving like the black orchids that feed from the night, giving her joy and comfort. It was an inner peace that fed her dying soul with her constant denial of loneliness. He pondered her captivating darkness as she moved toward the fire. She gathered two pillows and settled down in front of the fire, gracefully lowering her sultry frame, every motion of her body was like liquid. He watched as she began painting a picture on canvas with the cinders, alone in her thoughts, with candle light... ... middle of paper ... ...ho danced oozing seduction in the darkness. She still dances but she is His goddess, transformed now into a woman, full of beauty and sweet offerings only for Him. The focus is on her Master and she surrendered all that He desired and all that He has found in her and has given it back unto Her. He holds the key to who she is and will become..she surrendered all that she was to Him and He carefully molds her daily into His rare gem. What once was a rough dull stone now is becoming smoothed and polished and shall reveal an exotic intoxicating jewel which glistens with rare exquisite nature. He whispers to her, that all that see it, will desire just a piece of it. All she wants is Him, her Master to keep her safe and away from those which desire to possess her. This is all that she could ask of Him, to keep her in His caring protection and to be surround by His Love.
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