Out-Store Logistics Analysis

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Object of the article:
Distinguish between in-store and out-store logistics to generate consumer value.
Distinguish between in-store and out-store logistics and how they work to generate consumer value ,cost cutting and generating better financial choices for the customers.
Main ideas:
Generate consumer value by produce products to meet customer needs-
-Stores are very much dependent on logistics to provide ease of shopping, cost cutting and generating better financial choices for the customer
-The in-store logistics to control the total supply chain and they are more critical for small scale retailers
-The out-store logistics creates temptation for the suppliers and logistics firms to control the total supply chain
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It is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value or proper disposal
The importance of reverse logistics in e-commerce environment
1) ( Souq.com, Wadi.com, Namshi) use reverse logistic to protect the environment and promote recycling of resources, at the same time in order to standardize the Website and the protection of the right of consumers
2) E-commerce have changed the business environment With the large-scale e-commerce applications through increase return rate of transaction online, more companies recognize the importance of the reverse logistics to improve the customer satisfaction and enhance competitive advantage
3) E-commerce companies use Reverse Logistics and the Forward Logistics to organize all this fuctions: packaging, handling, transporting, storage, processing and other
4) Reverse logistics helps Namshi and Souq.com to reducing risks that may arise through virtual transaction to the lowest possible level through delivering the products at right place and right time
Reverse Logistics have many Problems
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Driving efficiency in repair processes in Software used for reverse logistics require videos or drawings that demonstrate to the repair technician how the work is to be performed
In the reverse logistics system, there is a high degree of uncertainty on the time and quantity in recovery process of the consumer or
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