Out Of Africa Theory Essay

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The origin of modern humans has been debated for years. On either side of the debate lies the multi-regional theory, and the Out of Africa theory. The multi-regional theory states that Homo erectus left Africa, and after separating into different regions, collectively evolved into the modern humans we see today. The Out of Africa theory states that modern humans evolved in Africa, and then migrated to different regions. In this theory, it is believed that modern humans replaced all other descendants of Homo erectus. The Out of Africa theory is generally more accepted, and the evidence in favor of it is compelling. Much of the evidence for the multi-regional theory has been falsified. However, there are still strong supporters for each theory.…show more content…
In this theory, modern humans evolved in Africa and then migrated, proceeding to wipe out other Homo erectus descendants. The different populations (after migrating from Africa) would evolve independently or into separate species, with no interbreeding involved. There is quite a bit of evidence to support this. Firstly, the anatomical differences between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals shows speciation (which directly challenges the multi-regional theory). There is evidence of modern humans in the anatomical sense found in Africa at the same time as Neanderthals, furthering the idea of speciation. From an archaeological standpoint, there were similarities between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens at first. However, Homo sapiens developed “modern thinking,” whereas in Neanderthals, there is no evidence of this. These Homo sapiens would eventually migrate, and Neanderthals disappeared. From a genetic standpoint, humans have little genetic variation, but the most genetic variation is found in Africa. This suggests that modern humans originated in Africa, because time has led to more genetic diversity (Donald Johanson,…show more content…
The multi-regional theory has been often discredited for its lack of evidence, and its points have been falsified by many archaeological and genetic findings. I feel that the multi-regional theory has no basis. On the other hand, the evidence for the Out of Africa theory is staggering, from an archaeological, genetic, and anatomical standpoint. There are some points I disagree with in this theory, especially in regards to interbreeding between modern and archaic populations. Some analysis suggest that a small amount of inbreeding may have occurred, in addition to large scale replacement (Smithsonian Institution, 2016). Overall, I feel that this theory has a better explanation for the origin of modern humans, and fits the evidence we have found thus far. Until more evidence is found to say otherwise, it clearly wins the debate on our
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