Our form of Government.

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In our Form Government form D the law is determined by a group that the people elected. The group would represent the peoples necessities and desires, and would give the people the freedoms they require. This group will control the military, and keep as much harm, as possible away from the people. There will be areas of natural conservation, keeping some natural resources untouched, and the areas that the resources are used will be used properly, not in excess, and limited rations. Each person in the elected group would represent a population around the nation. Government form B every citizen votes practically for everything from who governs to which law would be in place, which is great because its always going be set by majority rule. The practicality of letting the people decide every policy would be very tedious. The election process would be lengthier and could get very confusing if it isn’t strategized just right. You also can’t guarantee that the all of the population would participate in the elections. If everyone is not completely informed how would they make an informed decision with things such as politics and military. In government form E leadership is hereditary, branches decide how much control the leader has, sometimes head executive can gain more power on his or her own. The same family will always inherit leadership, thus, always having a set plan in place, the son or daughter will always rule. The people are not represented as much as they should be this does not mean they would not get what they desire in the end, there just are more people to rebuttal your voicing opinion making laws harder to be put in place. The struggle of who has more power will always be in place whether the inherited leader, or the ele... ... middle of paper ... ...ited to the decisions they can make because they can not violate their authority governments set principals. The need for more representatives for each local government is also needed,taking more tax money to be used on the politicians salary. This structure of government is not the most cost efficient type of government. Government structure 1 Most of the governing power is possessed by the central government. The central government has all the authority to make laws for the entire nation and lower governments enforce them. Everyone would have the same rule minimizing confusion and would spend less energy enforcing different laws. The local and state areas would ultimately not be represented. The people would have no representation the laws would be made from a rulers perspective, not the peoples perspective, making them senseless biased set of policies and laws.
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