Our Greatest Influence Come from Our Family Systems

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Getting through life from conception to, the western idea of adulthood, takes many directions for every person. The impact of family, friends, everyday people and the stimuli of the various environments you were exposed to all have aided in your maturation. How do you think you turned out after being in your various environments? How did those environmental influences affect how you now behave? These influences are said to start at a young age, the age were, “preschoolers’ awareness of their ethnic or racial identity develops slowly and is subtly influenced by the attitudes of the people, schools, and other cultural institutions with which they come into contact in their community” (Feldman, 2014). Perhaps the greatest influences come from those one should be closest to, one’s family.
Family systems are processes by which families interact or relate emotionally and physically with one another in order to hopefully create or maintain order and/or control in their environments. This family systems theory, sometimes called family emotional systems theory, provides a comprehensive fr...
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