Our First Day

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I looked out the window; down near one of the grassy areas that sat on the banks on the river. There I saw him again the tall man with the snapback cap and long jacket. I watched as he stared at the rolling water that shimmered romantically in the moon light. I yearned to meet this stranger; he fascinated me by doing nothing. I threw off my pajamas and changed back into my clothes. I donned my favorite jacket and snagged my keys before slipping out of the apartment as quietly as I could.
The wind blew fast pace teeter tottering me as I got closer to the mystery man. “Jeogiyo! Jeogiyoo~!” I yelled to him, but he seemed to be ignoring me. I felt the light sprinkle of water touch my skin as I got closer to him. My stomach began to turn once I was standing right behind him. “Uh, jeogiyo?” I question reaching out to tap him. My finger landed on his shoulder and he shattered like crystal. The heavy wind blew away the small fragments as the rain began to pour.

I jolted from my sleep to the unwelcoming sound of Alicia clanking pots in the kitchen. “Gabbi, wake up~!” she said kicking open the door. I looked at her groggily and roll out of the bed. She began to talk, but I couldn’t focus on her. I was already deep in thought about that guy at the river. I pushed past Ali and went into the bathroom, looking up at the closed window before starting my after morning routine. I hopped into the shower and stepped under the warm water, closing my eyes and the stream trickled across my face.
A light knocking on the door followed by the worried voice of Alicia caused me to hurry through the shower. “Hurry up, we have no food.” Alicia whined as I dressed myself in my comfy shopping clothes. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. After, I tended to...

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...ed over it. Ali and I slammed ourselves on the couch and watched as he examined the television. “Yup I can get this done in about 20 minutes. Just gotta get the stuff out of the truck.” He said speeding right out the door. “I’ma go and check my and Instagram.” Alicia said going into her room with her phone. I let out a disappointed huff and slumped down on the couch.
After what felt like forever, the cable guy reappeared. “There’s a slight problem.” He said clapping his hands together. “And that would be?” I asked without making eye contact. “I locked the keys in the truck and can’t get to the items needed.” He said I sighed and shook my head. “That’s fine. Did you call anyone?” He shook his head as I looked at him. “My phone is also in the car.” I wanted to cry, but I held it in. “I’ll call the company and a towing company.” I said walking into Alicia’s room.
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