Our Father Essay

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Our Father:
Human beings ' relationship with God has its foundation built on a child-paternal relationship. It is clear that Christ has revealed to us that to see the Father is to view him as our daddy, aka Abba. The Holy Spirit breaths the truth revealed by the Son that God is indeed our very personal and loving Father. God plays with his children. He sends gifts enjoying in his children 's joy. He guides humans just as a father guides his children. Always remember that God is your friend, he is your personal daddy.
Who art in heaven:
It is true that God is fully present in heaven as He is truly, and wholly present in the Eucharistic. Under the humble appearance of the Eucharistic, our limited human nature can witness the Glory of God in
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As humans may only respect the idea that a name is a way to categorize things in the world. We can limit, define, and identify things if we can give it a name. By His immense love God has shared a name that we can personally call him by even though it has no real ability or justice to categorize him. We may know him as Jehovah, Yahweh, God, or Jesus. Out of his love he humbles himself so that in our limited nature we may get the slightest glimpse of who he is. Probably the truest name is "I am who am." His very name is so holy that his name is what he is. This can also be seen where the very word of God is so Holy that the words of God is god himself, this being Jesus. Our salvation, rests in the utter importance of the most holy and beautiful name of and words of…show more content…
Out of his boundless love he blessed us with the ability of free will. However, our will is nothing compared to the beauty of God 's will. If we our created by God, then it makes sense that our highest degree of happiness can only come from the will, or the intentions of the Creator. We our designed by God to be like God. By Holy Communion we our being transformed into God. Him in us and us in him. We our created to enjoy and relish in his will since we are truthfully in complete likeness to God. Not that we our gods, but that our core essence is Godly. Satan deceives us by sin to believe that to be happy our wills are what happiness can only come from. Our core essence is not human, it is
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