Our Environment Is Destroying The Environment

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Humans Against Earth Has it ever came to mind how pollution harms us in the way we live today? Responsibility and consciousness as individuals is more than just making a change. In discussions of saving our environment, one controversial issue as a nation is who to blame for and what possible solutions they are to fix it. On the one hand, McKibben argues that society is being destroyed and consumers are the ones to blame yet is up to the individuals to change the theory. On the other hand Jensen contends that the industrial culture is what is hurting the environment and should be replaced with a different system of values. However, Pollen, wants to preserve the environment to make a better change. My personal view sides with Jensen as I believe that industrial civilization is still killing our planet regardless of our options, we lose. Some people would think that our activities adjust the way we play out our way of life consistently by hyper-consuming. We are turning out to be more ineffective as time passes by and placing needs in the wrong order. In the article, “Waste Not, Want Not” McKibben believes that consumers waste more than enough and produce waste exceedingly. I agree that individuals should have some blame in how our society is being so wasteful because my experience has been wasting money more on what I want than what I need. However I believe that it’s impossible to try to get each and every individual gathered as a nation to make a difference. As consumers we are all accustomed to continue with our same routine every day, so why be selfish and make minimal changes that won’t even last for a lifetime. Mckibben agrees when he writes, “The average American uses more energy between the stroke of midnight on New Year... ... middle of paper ... ...ontinue to harm society no matter what. Making a change in cultural industries would be one of the first things that would reduce majority of the waste. Not only that but it can make changes in our economomy to better our future. In part individuals shouldn’t be blame for all pollution and waste the corporations, industries cause. As said before, making a change will take more than just consciousness and responsibility. Meaning that as a society we can change industries for a better change. Variety of big industries just take the advantage of our nature; like take away 90% of the water that leaves us with only 10% for individuals. It is up to us and vote for a better future and making history to change pollution. Let 's be realistic, people do realize that our society by now is destroyed but still blame society for the most part our actions we “cause”.

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