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‘Why’. ‘Why’ begs the question to all the answers of this universe; the laws of physics, the understanding concepts of philosophy, the unknown discoveries that would have been made - yet, out of the odds of the course of nature, the world has become a place of vulgar speaking, whining and pathetic snivelers that have ‘overachieved’ what others have not. Decisive, purgatory and shameful; the society has relied on the charge of others to secretly suck their lifeblood for their own benefit. The world is now based on the ideologies of swift and wirelessly connected nefarious widgets in order to create a ‘proper’ life. What has the world become...

Not all life is at a loose end, there are some willing to fight for this terrible cause and influence of their own self-benefit and utter disregard of human life. “I was born differently, so at a different time I live”, some would say in order to masquerade on their own selfless emotions of ‘self-wisdom’ and pride. All of history’s precious and bloody moments are stored all in manuscripts, books, scrolls - books that has the knowledge of the past can have a possibility of one writing the future, a contrast as it may be perceived. ‘What if? Maybe if?’ Create a history to a ‘better world’. In the opinion intelligible and reasonable people, one would re-write or re-create a ‘new world’ of justice and order. The thought of most people is anarchy and dictatorship, which is a common misconception; the real question is, “Is the world that revolves now a place to call an auspicious dwelling?”

Imagine what such an object can do; create historical events and the holder experiences the fulsome act of the untold nature, enriching a new life of peace and prosperity. “The past is there so that we may lea...

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...son’s inner being once the journey has started. As the end of the cursive ink sets of the worn paper, it creates a history, an experience, a legacy of the life of the early inhabitants and their cultures through the thickness of the ices that has slowly degraded by the heat of the warmth of others, covering the darkness of the scalp of its history and the enduring nature of what is to become, to become one that is a great narrative of colloquial stories that never seem to end, a snake that eats its own body and disappears, as if it didn’t exist. The lies beneath this cloven ground separates the dignity the perpetual life embarkment to the truth and clarity. A vivid translucent image of a great divide, coming to one; to understand, to belong, to be intact - why the elegant leaves fall, the reason is at the hands of nature. Nature of the being.

‘Which pathway? Why?’

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