Othello:The Role Of Women

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An analysis of women being victims in Othello: Othello is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s, this essay is from a feminist perspective. The main ideas of Othello are jealousy and revenge. In this play there are only three women in the entire play. The three women are Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca. Desdemona is the wife of Othello and the daughter of Brabantio; she is one of the main characters in the play. Emilia is the wife of Iago and Desdemona handmaiden. Bianca is a prostitute, Cassio visits her very often, and it is said that they have a relationship, but no one’s certain about it. All these women are used to help Iago get revenge. According to Brabantio Desdemona lives dangerously, I support his opinion because she runs off and get married without her father’s knowledge.” That I did love the Moor to live with him, My downright violence and storm of fortune May trumpet to the world. My heart’s subdued even to the very quality of my lord. I saw Othello’s visage in his mind, and to his honors and his valiant parts Did I my soul and fortunes consecrate.” This quote is said by Desdemona this quote is saying that she fell in love with Othello; he didn’t make her she fell in love with him. She lives dangerously by falling in love with the moor. In Othello Desdemona also went to Cyprus with Othello which is dangerous since war was there at the time. “Let me go with him.” Desdemona stated because she wanted to join her husband while he went to Cyprus. Lastly Desdemona put herself into situations that she shouldn’t have. Desdemona stated,” I give thee warrant of thy place. Assure thee, if I do vow a friendship, I’ll perform it To the last article. My lord shall never rest, I’ll watch him tame and talk him out of pati... ... middle of paper ... ... Web. 5 Mar. 2014 "The Role of Women in Othello: a Feminist Reading" StudyMode.com. 03 2013. 2013. 03 2013 . "Portrayl of Women in Othello" StudyMode.com. 03 2008. 2008. 03 2008 . "Power, Race and Women in Othello by Shakespear and Sax" StudyMode.com. 03 2011. 2011. 03 2011 . "Desdemona's Role in Othello" StudyMode.com. 10 2013. 2013. 10 2013 . Othello. Dir. Stuart Burge. Perf. Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Joyce Redman, Frank Finley. Warner Home Video, 2007. DVD "Othello" StudyMode.com. 06 2005. 2005. 06 2005 .
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