Othello and Cymbeline

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Othello and Cymbeline Othello was a play by Shakespeare. He wrote it about a "mercenary" who thinks that his wife is not faithful. Othello is the main character in Othello, who likes his wife but then, by the end of the play, most decidedly does not like her. In fact, he kills her when she's sleeping, but afterwards when she wakes up, she dies. Cymbeline is not about Othello, but it does have some of what I like in Othello in it. Here's what it has that's the same: Posthumus is like Othello. He thinks his wife is Innogen who has been cheating on him but she didn't. He tries to kill her, but he can not because Innogen is disguised as a man, so she escapes from being killed. I liked the way how in Cymbeline Innogen doesn't die, which is the same as not liking when Desdemona dies in Othello. She almost dies but in the end it's revealed that she doesn't. Othello, the main character in Othello, thinks his wife is unfaithful becuse Iago, his friend, tells Othello that Desdemona, Othello's wife, has not been faithful. This is where everything goes crazy. He believes Iago, who is not telling the truth, but he believes him anyway. He kills Desdemona after going crazy and Iago kills Cassio, the character Desdemona is not unfaithful with but Othello thinks she is. In the end, they don't live except for Cassio. Othello kills himself, representing the way he ends his own life. As Othello says in the end, " . . . I die . . ." (5.2.64). Cymbeline is a story close to Othello but different because everyone lives. Posthumus lives, Innogen lives and yes, even Cymbelinel, lives. The Queen does not live, but the reason she does not live is that she is evil, like her son CLoten who doesn't live either. He is beheaded Innogen finds him. What I think about everyone living except for the bad characters is that Shakespeare seems and tends to kill off the evil characters while he keeps the good ones alive. This is different from Othello because Othello dise and Desdemona dies too; she is not evel even though Iago says she is. I think Shakespeare is more right in Cymbeline where only the bad characters die because in that play they get what's coming to them.

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