Othello And Desdemona Analysis

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In the play Othello by William Shakespeare Iago is the one seen as the puppet master, the orchestrator, which is mostly true. Although Iago does essentially get the ball rolling, Othello and Desdemona aren’t exactly innocent either. Both of them are prime examples of just how easily the human psyche/mind can be manipulated to hating, betraying, and even killing the people they love (Othello mainly). Other characters, like Roderigo, Cassio, and Emilia, are also blameworthy. They didn’t try to stop Iago, or refrain from their relationship with Desdemona (Cassio), they were so easily manipulated that it’s hard not to see their fault in the events that transpired. All of these characters, not just Iago, are at fault for what happened. Everyone…show more content…
She fell in love with him because of his stories, and the hardships that he went through. Saw him as this mature older man that has experienced what life has to offer, and thought that he’s handled it well. “She loved me for the dangers I had past/ And I loved her that she did pity them” (1.3.166-167). Othello sees her as this innocent, inexperienced woman that shows compassion towards him, when he believes that he doesn’t deserve it. Desdemona’s perception of herself is that she’s a loving and faithful wife, and she even wonders how any wife could cheat on her husband, reaffirming her naiveté. “It is Desdemona’s absent sense of strangeness that gives Iago his destructive opportunity” (Hollindale). By not seeing anything strange between her and Cassio or seeing that Othello was acting strangely she let herself be open to manipulation. She also never questions why Othello accuses her of infidelity, his accusations hurt her, but because of her perception of him (honest and respectable), she doesn’t really stand up for herself. Not seeing/understanding that her relationship with Cassio also harms her marriage with Othello demonstrates that she has barely any experience in life and its hardships (jealousy). “When Iago insults Desdemona with his blunt honesty, Cassio is
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