Oscar Wilde's Views on Art

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I'm at wit's end here; I've looked in countless periodicals, dictionaries, and reference books. I've been all over the internet, found some very interesting things that we needn't go into here, and don't even get me started on the thesaurus. All this research and I still can't find a good definition of the word art. This is an Extended Definition Essay! A definition is kind of an important thing to have, don't you think? Okay lets just calm down and look at this again. The most common definition I could find told me that art is a one syllable noun that means: expressions within a medium. Okay that make sense but that can't be all of it. The statement is to textbook for a term that represents as much as "art" does. So I decided to look into the origin of the word and I found that the word art comes to us from the old French "arte." They get it from the Latin word "artem" which means... well the same thing as art. It turns out that the term "art" hasn't changed in hundreds of years. Can you sense my frustration? I was about to through in the proverbial towel, but then I met a new friend and he told me as long as I didn't mind his opinionated point of view that he'd be happy to look at some examples of Expressions and mediums in art and together maybe we could come up with something. My buddies name is Oscar Wilde. Oscar was a dramatist, novelist and a poet that existed in the latter half of the 19th century and is probably best know for his novel "The Portrait of Dorian Gray."

I'd first like to take a look at some of the mediums that artists use. Mediums that at glance seems quite normal but if a closer inspection might catch a few people off guard. One of the most infamous works in recent history is probably the photograph "Piss Christ"; it was created by Andres Serrano in 1989. At first glance, you see Christ on the cross in a sea of bubbles and color; bright gold, to warm amber, fading to darkness. Quite striking and if you had never heard of it or if I hadn't just told you the name of it, you may have thought, that it was a beautiful piece of religious art and it is, but this does not sit well with everyone.
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