Oscar Wilde Comedy Style

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If there was one man who knew how to stick out of a crowd it was Oscar Wilde. His wacky comedic style really shined in the 20th century, a time where the top plays were centuries old. Oscar Wilde was hugely popular for his plays. He liked to toy around with the audience during his plays by putting them into weird situations and seeing their reactions. Arguably the most famous plays of his was The Importance of Being Earnest because it overshadowed most of the plays at this time.
Many varying events were happening in England this time. King George V was in power (“Britannia”). The McKinley Tariff hurt the plate industry by a large margin (“Britannia”). A huge push for worker’s unions was also a big part in England (“Britannia”). The Nation Insurance Act gave many benefits to these boycotting workers (“Britannia”). England was in a big power shift due to the rising threats in Germany (“Britannia”). The Labour party fought for workers and it took years to be known as an official party (“Britannia”). The Liberal and Conservative parties dominated politics in England in the 20th century (“Britannia”).
To help with politics in England, a bill was passed in Parliament to limit the Lords veto power (“Britannia”). People in the working class were now allowed in Parliament to help England balance its social system (“Britannia”). Out of this, workers were getting pensions and this resembled a form of social security (“Britannia”). The Prime Minister wanted England to be more educated to he pushed for a new education system (“Britannia”). The Royal navy was rounded up to England to protect against German advances (“Britannia”).
Due to the war, the son of Oscar, Cyril died at the battle of Neuve-Chapelle (Whittington). Even though he wa...

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... meant to put the audience in to weird situations (Clerk).
“Symbolist” would be the word to describe Oscar’s play (Esslin 360). Earnest means to stay serious and idealistic (Clerk). It is mainly about bachelors and married life (Clerk). It was considered Oscar’s best work (Clerk). On February of 1910 to celebrate the St. James Theatre.
To wrap it all up, the 20th century was a long and important time. Oscar Wilde shined his way to the top. Some say Oscar got inspiration from his sexual lust (Maginnis). Others say it was from his past abuse from his dad (Whittington). The clothes used in the play were very close to the 20th century style Maginnis). The style was to look educated and not just being educated (Maginnis). Even the St. James theatre recognizes Oscar’s work. Oscar Wilde was an ideal writer for the 20th century and will be remembered for years to come.