Orphanides Retail Mix

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Orphanides Retail Mix


One of the biggest Hypermarkets in Nicosia. It is located in Latsia area and it is one of the richest shopping malls that include 50 shops. It is the largest shopping center in Cyprus with ample space, escalators and has two levels of sheltered parking for 1300 cars.


ľ The location of Orphanides, which is a place where a collection of shops are all adjoin is a pedestrian area, allows shoppers to walk without interference from vehicle traffic.

ľ This major retail location allows large number of people to visit the place and make purchases.

ľ The shopping mall provides long, uniform hours operation

ľ The mall offers entertainment & recreation. The fact that there are so many shops gives the opportunity to customers to see a variety of products and therefore enjoy their shopping

ľ Protection against weather.

Generally speaking Orphanides like the other shopping malls in Cyprus are typically anchored with supermarkets instead of department stores because people in Cyprus spend half of their income on food.


ľ There are no many customers leaving around the mall. This means that customers have to travel long distances to reach Orphanides.

ľ High occupancy costs.

Factors Affecting the Attractiveness of the Site


This includes macro and micro analysis. The road conditions around the shopping mall are in a perfect situation. Moreover, there aren¡¦t any natural artificial barriers.

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