Origins of Magnesium

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Magnesium is found in large amounts throughout our bodies. We obtain it predominantly from dietary sources. We can also obtain magnesium in many other places since it is the seventh most prevalent element from our universe. The earth’s crust contains large amounts of this element and we can obtain it from the minerals dolomite and carnallite. It is, however, most commonly extracted from our ocean waters. “Every cubic kilometer of seawater contains about 1.3 billion kilograms of magnesium”1 (Education).
There are many forms of magnesium found on earth. Magnesium Sulfate commonly known as Epsom Salt is one of many. We use several forms of the element for a variety of digestive issues. These include Magnesium Lactate, Oxide, Citrate, Carbonate and Sulfate. Magnesium Lactate has one of the highest rates of absorption out of these. Magnesium Oratate and Magnesium Glycenate are most readily used by our bodies and used by plant life as well. Magnesium Threonate is being touted as a newer type of supplement. It is considered superior to others on the market for mitochondrial interaction. When we obtain Magnesium from our diets it can be found frequently in high fiber foods. Additional food sources are plentiful. Since it is the seventh most common element of our earth’s crust it is common in foods we grow. Organically grown foods often have more magnesium since commonly used fertilizers do not add much magnesium. The magnesium in the ground where food is grown will have an effect on the content in the food. Some food sources most commonly referenced as good sources of magnesium are legumes, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens (especially
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... digestive enzymes and acids can cause a large variation in what can be absorbed by each of us. Maximizing absorption is important since it is estimated some people can average less than 20% absorption of what is ingested. Simply choosing a better type of supplement can increase absorption. Chelated forms of magnesium can bypass normal mineral channels and can be absorbed as a food source making it more useful. These often tend to be more expensive forms of supplements.
Magnesium can truly be considered one of our body’s most needed minerals. So many functions rely on it. It is important to eat foods rich in magnesium. By eating a well-balanced diet it is far easier to keep the right balance of magnesium as well as other important minerals in healthy supply. All supplements are not created equal and it may be better to spend a bit more for best results.
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