Origins for the Treatment for Tuberculosis

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Origins for the Treatment for Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis, also known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is a deadly bacterium that invades the respiratory system. This bacterium spreads rapidly from person to person by a simple cough or sneeze. Treatment for tuberculosis has changed over the years. In the beginning the most common form of treatment was the sanatorium, where patients infected with Tuberculosis were kept in an isolated environment. Now a days the treatment is straightforward and the patient is put on two standard antibiotics, isoniazid and rifampicin. These drugs are very effective at fighting tuberculosis, but recently a new strand has been developed, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. This paper outlines the various treatments for tuberculosis from the beginning of the 16th century to the present and the changes that have occurred in the bacteria.

Tuberculosis, often called TB, has been recognized as a dangerous illness for quite sometime. Although its incidence has greatly declined during most of the last century, there has been a significant increase over the last twenty years. The recent incidence rate has been relatively high among the homeless in inner city areas and among those infected with the AIDS virus. TB also remains a severe health issue for infants and the elderly. While the disease continues to be a source of concern among the more populated and less hygienic areas in Asia, it is also prevalent in certain areas of this country where it has been linked with the arrival of refugees from Asia and Central America. Tuberculosis is primarily a bacterial infection of the respiratory system. If bacteria, viruses, or fungi enter the lungs and become established there, they could cause several dise...

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...he benefits that medical technology has brought to society over centuries as well as an awareness that the fight against bacteria is by no means over. The recognition that there are several forms of drug-resistant bacteria today should propel future generations to rededicate efforts to eradicate them. Further research and observations should be made in order to help suppress deadly strands of tuberculosis.

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