Origins Of The Mexican American War

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The Imperial Empire By definition of the dictionary the word imperialism means a policy of a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force. The Mexican-American War began when the United States eagerly wanting to expand the nation westward starting from the Louisiana Purchase territorial lines to the Pacific Ocean. Mexico had owned most of the territories of what we now call California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. Mexico welcomed Americans to settle in the Texas territories, but after a decade the settlers revolted against the Mexican Government and upon separation from Mexico the Republic of Texas was created. With James K. Polk as the new President of the United States of America in 1845, he launched a campaign to annex Texas, Mexican California, and Oregon to become part of the expansion to the United States. Tensions flared and started to become volatile between Mexico and the United States and feudal dispute over the territories provoked the two Countries into war. By using the Manifest Destiny the United States used its military power to conquer the fragile Mexican country and claim what they thought rightfully belonged to the American people. In the early years of 1845 President John Tyler secured a joint resolution from congress to annexing Texas to the United States. Mexico responded by breaking off diplomatic relations. President Tyler left the office as the 10th president before he was able to purchase Texas, so President Polk as 11th president continued with the campaign to buy up Texas. The Annexation included the territories of California and Oregon. The Mexican-American War played a vital role which led to the occupation and eventual expansion of the Un... ... middle of paper ... ... they had owned for centuries, in the end it cost Mexico lives and land. The United States knew that Mexico was a weaker nation so by using their military force they were hoping to coerce Mexico into giving up the lands because Mexico stood no chance against the might of the United States military force. Often times its easier to push others or convince those to submit to your subjection when one is of lesser strength; big guy tells little guy what to do. Either using diplomacy or the show of military force the United States was going to claim the disputed land one way or another. So as a result the United States gained lands almost three times the size of France and it opened the door to an industrial profit. Vast amounts of resources now became available for profit and sea trade was now available on both sides of the United States; eastern and western ports.

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