Origins Of Social Work Essay

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The Origins of Social Work
What is the profession that helps poverty and maintain social function, and to this day, which policies still exist? In the United States, there is diversity of immigrants from all over the world. Those in poverty are the lower class whites and immigrants. People that need the most assistance are people in poverty. Social work affects the way people lived in the past and today. What are social work professions, how were they developed, and how does it still affect us today?
What is the social work profession? The origin of social work was created from the American Charity Organization in 1877. American Charity Organization was the charity of the rich people, who helped organize group by hiring friendly workers to visit families and ask about their problems (Huff, pg. 29) Settlement house movement is also the reason that lead social work profession in the United States. The settlement house movement was the way organization assistance for the poor is carried out. Jane Adams, a social worker, established the Hull House in Chicago. Adams is one of the significant social worker; she helped socialize and advocated for immigrants life to live better. In the early years of the organization of social work, Mary Richmond, created programs and training available for social worker in New York City. Social casework, a strategy to help improve personality through adjustment consciously affected, one at a time, between individual and their environment (Ambrusino pg. 24). As the profession contributed, they had discovered social practice: social casework, group work, and community organization. The social group work is the method created to help people come together with individuals to interact with other to functio...

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...on, public helath, and help the children with disabilities.
In conclusion, the social work profession was created to help individuals, groups, family, organization, and community to improve their livings. The profession of social work, works for social welfare and use the strategy of social agency to guide through their work. Social work is known as ‘friendly visitor’ hired by the Charity Organization Society (COS). Social work uses their abilities to advocate the needed people to improve their living. Social work had to have critical thinking, committed to their work and practice skills. Elizabeth Poor Law still play as part of our policy today. United States today still have Social Security Act to financial benefit, elderly, disable people and injured individuals. Today, social worker is the profession that help the poor people and the poor that need assistance.
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