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Original Writing Yay! Another blissful day at school, (hint my sarcasm). I hate the way the bell assaults my ears in the morning, especially when I have to attend this “temple” of learning. (As I like to call it). I should really be on my way to registration but I like the thought of walking slowly, gives me time to think, to think what the day might bring, but I like the thought of walking slowly and being late, after all it is only Mr Miles reading out notices that don’t concern or interest me in any shape or form. Its only Thursday, I have actually managed to last most of the week in this “temple” of learning. Most of the teachers aggravate me in ways that are indescribable but I cope, though at times they have drove me to the end of my infinite patience! First lesson is art, I enjoy art it’s the only subject where I can let my anger, aggression and what are really think of people out without thinking before I speak actually without even having to speak. I love to put a lot of effort into my art I’m very passionate about it, there’s so much depth to it and it’s the only lesson I really do enjoy. For second lesson I have support also known as CLS. In there they treat me as some sort of invalid, I hate it! The only reason I’m in there is to catch up with my coursework, and before you ask, the reason I didn’t do my coursework is because I was unable to do it, due to the fact I was in hospital. I have P.E now I loathe it, not because I’m overweight or unfit, it’s because I dislike the teacher, we really don’t see eye to eye if you get my drift? Every time I have a lesson with her we always have a disagreement. It is now break.

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