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Original Writing I had just arrived home at about 1am, I had just finished work, and Joe had just walked me home. We had had a busy night at work and a lot of fun. After running round in the kitchens all night I was so tired I went straight to bed. Whilst laid in bed starting to drift off I began to think about Joe, and how much I loved him, until I finally dropped off to sleep, and became enveloped in my dream. I was sitting in a room that I didn't recognise. It was quite dark. There were no lights on and I couldn't find the light switch, the only light visible was that of the television. I sat down on the nearest couch and stared at the T.V. All I could see was a snowy background. I heard the video player start up; it was making its usual buzzing noises as it ate whatever video was in the machine. The remote was lying on the floor next to my feet, and I was curious to know what video was in the machine. I pressed the 'Play' button. Nothing appeared on screen. I assumed that it must have reached the end of the tape so pressing the rewind button I sat and watched the tape it was of someone I couldn't quite 'make out', running extremely quickly backward. My curiosity got the better off me so I pressed the 'Play' button. I could see myself sitting at a round table with balloons in the middle. I could see myself staring at something out of camera shot. I could see by the look on my face it was a boy, because I had a grin on my face, and I looked warm and friendly. My cheeks were flushed. As I stared at the screen and looked into my eyes they were bright and wide, sparkling like stars, I liked this boy. I didn't quite recognise where I was so I rewound it further, but this time more slowly. I could see my friends dancing; I began to laugh because they looked

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