Original Writing

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Original Writing

At the end of the corridor, the closed door was waiting. It had been

closed for many years. The room which patiently waited behind it had a

haunting past, but this evening the door had to be opened. It was

nearing the end of the eighteenth century. The door and it's long,

endless corridor were part of an enourmous country house, a very old

house which had seen many new family members, many deaths, many

betrayals and knew many secrets. The family decided it was time to

move on to a new place. Before they could sell, every room had to be

checked, yes, even that room!

The master of the houseand his eldest son made their way to the main

hall to start up the stairs, all the way to the top floor of four

floors. It was a long way, the eldest son, william, glanced out of the

window, a shadow set across the whole house. It was the end of the

day, night was setting in. Eventually the two had made their way up

the bright, richly coloured staircase and headed towardsthe dull,

faded corridor which led to that room. William had never before set

eyes on the corridor or

the door or that room. That's all his father ever said about the room

or it's corridor

"you shaln't go there William, you wouldn't want to find yourself

trapped in that room".

so for william this was a sort of adventure. What could have possibly

happened there? does his father know?

Right, they were at the top of the corridor, lots of terrible thoughts

scurried round William's mind as his eyes sped round the walls

examining, all of whom were dressed rather odly, very old fashioned.

He looked at one of the small gold name plates underneath, it read

`Lady Elizabeth Myres, 1642-1661`. William noticed that all these

people were family memberswho had passed away, long ago. William was

feeling quite wary over the corridor and the room, that room. Why was

this corridor covered with paintings of dead?

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