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Original Writing When the bell rang there was a sigh of relief because the whole class knew that the lesson was over. The teacher dismissed us. My best friend Declan and I discussed the teams for the football match as we walked. After a few minutes of discussion we were on the yard with shocking red jumpers for goalposts, a large, hard football in the centre waiting to be kicked and two sets of teams ready to do battle. One of the players on the opposing team, Liam Martin was twice the size of the other players. He had always been the largest member of the class even in our first year. Liam was almost like a miniature sumo wrestler with the brain of a ten year old. He looked completely out of place with the rest of the class. He was a brilliant rugby player. I remember, about half way through the match the ball was rolled to Liam. I ran towards him as he kicked it. The ball left his foot and seemed to travel in slow motion. I felt like the centre pin in a bowling alley as a big heavy bowling ball came straight towards me. I could see the football and my head were on a collision course but I could not move my feet almost as if they were in blocks of cement. The ball struck me. Everything went black, I was temporarily in a void. I woke up on the hard, cold, damp school yard with an uncontrollable, sharp stabbing pain in my right jaw. Above me Liam's great round face peered down, reality returned slowly. Liam helped me up and I screamed with pain. Instinctively I ran, in a state of blind panic, towards the teacher on duty. There was blood pouring from my mouth. Mrs Abbott, a motherly shaped woman spoke reassuringly and calmly while walking me towards the school. We went inside by which time I was bawling my eyes out. The teacher asked me pointless questions such as 'How did you do it?' and 'Where does it hurt?

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