Original Writing

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Original Writing

Krrrriiiinnggg!!!! Ah, the sound of that bell never sounded so

blissful on that day. It was time for our so-called sem-break while

actually having trimesters. Everyone was so eager to get out of the

classroom and go to their pre-planned gimmicks. Some were going to

malls, some to their usual hang-out place, and others were itching to

play basketball. I thought this break would be a lot of fun and that

it would be a very good opportunity for me to catch up on the sleep I

have been missing. It turned out to be the very opposite, though.

The first forty-eight hours of the sem-break was the only fun part.

During those hours, I and my friends went to watch a movie and they

slept over in my house. We also got to go swimming and experience the

laugh-trip on having Randy get lost inside the village. It was fun

although my plan on catching up on a lot of winks was totally ruined.

The night when they slept-over was totally not a sleep night. It was

one of those nights where everyone does not feel like sleeping and the

temptation to jump on the bed becomes irresistible. I told myself that

it was okay to miss this night's sleep for there were other nights to

come. Boy, what a mistake.

Time soon came when I and my friends had to part ways. I had other

gimmicks to attend to and this time I was off to a party. I did not

know where the party really was so I just took my luck with me and

went looking for it on my own. My luck turned me down very bad that

time. I could not find where the party was and what's worse was that I

ended up getting lost. I had to take a taxi home and after paying the

driver 250 pesos, I conked out on my bed way past two o'clock in the

morning. It was another night of ruined sleep since I had to wake up

early again to go Halloween shopping with my mother.

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