Orientalism In Disney Film And Orientalisn

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Orientalism is an ideology that is used by art historians, cultural and literary studies scholars for the imitation or depiction of aspect in Middle Eastern, Far Eastern(Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean) cultures. These depictions are usually done by writers, designers film makers from occident countries. According to Edward Said, “Orientalism is an ideology according to the ontological and epistemological difference between the Orient and the West.” Due to the process of colonization, the Europeans came in contact with the lesser developed countries of the east and they, by defining themselves to be superior race justified their colonization. Issues arose when the attributes of the Orientals began getting generalized and these generalized…show more content…
The song further shows that the singer understands that cutting the ear is barbaric, but it happen at a place they call home so thy have to accept it. Thus, irrationality is pictured as something perfectly normal in the oriental society. Mulan comes under the category Movies(English) and is another film in which orientalism is displayed. It is the 9th film in the Disney Renaissance era and the first Disney movie with an Asian background. The film's plot takes place during the Han Dynasty, where Fa Mulan, daughter of aged warrior Fa Zhou, impersonates a man to take her father's place during a general conscription to counter a Hun invasion. The characters in the film have almost similar stereotypical appearances like yellow skin, thin lips, small slit like eyes and narrow pointy beards even though real Asian people all have different characteristics and almost certainly none have yellow skin. This is a prime reason why westerners perceive people from the Far East to be Asian people are believed to be yellow skinned with narrow eyes and funny…show more content…
Honour is given an abundance of importance throughout the film along with another thing sacrifice. Throughout the movie, sacrificing oneself for the family and keeping the family‘s honour are emphasized. The main character, Mulan, even disguises herself as a man in order to keep her family‘s honour which can be considered as self-sacrifice. It is true that collectivism was a more important value than individualism in ancient Asia, but it doesn‘t mean that people had to sacrifice their own important values for others. In Mulan, the characters accept it so naturally that it is likely to be perceived to people who don‘t know Asia, that all Asian people can have high regard for family values and sacrifice themselves greatly just for the honour of the family or the

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