Organs of the Peaceful People

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Organs of the Peaceful People

“Does the person know that his organ will be removed?” an investigator asked a chinese doctor. “No, he does not know about it,” the doctor replied. Barely anyone knows of this disturbing act; people who follow the Falun Gong religion are being murdered and their organs are getting taken away. The mass murder of Falun Gong followers was recently discovered in 2006, after thousands had already been killed. Unbelievable amounts of Falun Gong followers were sent to concentration camps by the Republic of China. The Republic of China used organ harvesting as a method of controlling the Falun Gong followers.

The Falun Gong is a peaceful religion based around the cultivation of the body, which is achieved through meditation and other specific exercises. In 1999, the sense of security of the practitioners was demolished after the Chinese Republic decided that they were going to start killing them. The authorities forced the police, judges, media, army, even the educational system go against this group. Similar to the way the Jewish were treated in World War II, the Falun Gong were sent to concentration camps, forced into labor, and psychologically and physically tortured. The Chinese Republic used these methods because they claimed that Falun Gong were dangerous and threatening to society, and belittled them by stating that they were just a bunch of people who believe in the power of magic, bad luck, spirits, and is nothing more than a treacherous mediation group. The torture of this group started in 1999, and it continues to this day.

From 2002 to 2006, more than 41,500 organs were transplanted after practicers of the Falun Gong religion were executed in the concentration camps in ...

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