Organizational motivation plan

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Job satisfaction is critical to maintain high productivity, high-quality and low employee turnover. The plan is to increase job satisfaction and increase the productivity and workforce engagement in order to lower down the defects and improve quality. High quality of product and lower defects will help bringing down the operating cost and sales return and thus will increase the net profit. As per plan company will concentrate to improve the areas like job contents, quality of supervision, peer relationship, growth opportunities and adequate salary and perceived equity. A positive work environment which motivates the employees is the most essential factor of job satisfaction and reduces absenteeism, lowers turnover rates and increases efficiency. The company has a plan to review and restructure the workplace environment including working condition, quality of supervision, quality control process and base wages which can have a direct impact on the productivity, health and safety, comfort and moral of the employees. Secondly we will address the motivator factors of the work environment which includes open communication, work-life balance, training and development, recognition and team spirit. Management will make sure that the employees can accomplish their various needs and goals including personal, family, career growth etc. which will ensure a supportive, flexible work environment to pursue employee personal interests and advancement in their life. Company will focus more on training and development to ensure better job function and career advancement. Based on the study by Schmidt there is a high degree of relationship between job training, skill set and overall job satisfaction among employees in technology as well as customer...

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...nefit of work scheduling flexibility, in job training and reduced repetitiveness. High-quality of work: There are two motivation factors which are interrelated to encourage high-quality work performance. One is the job characteristic and the dependent factor is psychological empowerment. The plan is to enrich the job characteristics by improving skill variety, identity and significance of the task, employee independency to layout the job function and consistent job feedback which will help to create a feeling of competency and commitment to the work and thus will result in high-quality work performance. The plan is also to encourage technological innovative work and recognition based on the performance which will help to increase employee motivation and high-quality performance and reduced product defects.
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