Organizational Theory and Design

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To assess the effectiveness of any school, college or educational institutions the main thing that should be focused are as under:
• Qualified teachers.
• Course outline
• Environment
• Students graduating from the university, getting a good job.

The effectiveness of any university cannot be determined by the number of students taking admission to the university. And cost should be the last thing while considering the effectiveness. If population of any educational institute is increasing it does not show that it is a very good institute because number of population can also be increased by those students who are not good in studies and want enjoyment. (Daft, R.L and A. Armstrong. 2009)

The four things that discussed above are the most important factors that can help determine the effectiveness. If there are good, qualified and professional teachers available so it indicates that the students will definitely learn something and become productive. The second thing is the course outline if course outline is designed in such a way that it is useful for students in practical life. They can easily apply the theories that they have learnt in practicality. Environment also plays a vital role in assessing the effectiveness because if the environment of the institute is good so this positively affects

the mind of the students. And the last thing which is the most important thing is that if students are learning something, they are getting good jobs after graduating, their degree has worth and they efficiently perform in practical life so this shows that the university is good in terms of effectiveness.( Sapru, R.K. 2008)
The Organizational Domain is based on different things like what will be the structure of organizations, in which ...

... middle of paper ... into contact face to face and there is more verbal communication, employee empowerment is encouraged, problem solving is appreciated and there is a lot of innovation and creativity. This type of structure is used in businesses where there is high instability because these organizations can easily adapt to changing environment and uncertainty, these organizations want to be competitive in market and they want to be market leaders. There are few companies which focuses and adopt both types of structure for e.g. the organization can use both structure within their organization in different departments such as sales department use organic structure and similarly they also have to follow the standard set of rules as well like they have to meet the target that s set by the management.

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