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When looking at the difficulties of expanding a security company and the threats from other countries, a person will find many similarities to that of America. The area that this company is attempting to expand to is Africa and the Middle East. The Middle East consists of Asia and the problems that Asia and Africa face do not seem to differ from the same kinds of threats that are faced in the United States every day.

One of the major difficulties, or threats, being overseas in a new country would be the language and the laws. Making sure it is understood, where to begin and end in any form of enforcement is key to staying alive. An example of this for America is that in Mexico, it is illegal to repossess a vehicle and if caught doing so, a person will face theft charges even though not making a payment in America is considered theft and legal grounds to take the property back. In many Middle Eastern countries, hands are tied as a security agent or officer because security is not a police force. However, the expectations from the people are the same whether it is a security company or a police force. Military enforcement by the people of the country and what needs to happen is to change the views of the people to see the security company is there for them, to help them, and to protect them when the police officials cannot and to help the police lighten the loads that they are burdened with. Doing this will be a long journey to walk and many years of struggle.

Looking at the Middle East area, there appears there are no private security companies run by Middle Eastern people. The only private security companies that are run by an American firm are protected and backed by the federal government (Mears, 2010, p. 1). Having this inf...

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...rica. Knowing the laws and regulations of the areas as well as what the problems are would lead to having a successful operation.

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