Organizational Problem Case Study

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Description of the Organizational Problem :
The problem the organization faces is lack of Motivation among employees have various reasons. Working as an employee in this organization, I personally felt that my basic needs like security and physiological were not met. The lack of organizational structure and confinement of power at top level only inculcated the feelings of insecurity among employees. Lack of direct communication, poor appraisal, feedback and excessive control towards employees have also contributed to this. Employees have no autonomy in decision making and they are not even promoted to contribute. The goal of self-actualization and esteem are non-attainable in this organization due to lack of sense of belongingness and employees
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Among the motivational components Relationship and Control are key factors. Study has highlighted the importance of direct and frequent interaction among fellow colleagues as factor which determined and promote motivation. Promoting organizational environment with mutual interaction and culture of building relationship among employees have been emphasised. Second amongst motivational components after social interaction in this study is Control which is high in nurses and support staff. It has been seen that promoting appreciation and recognition of the work done by nurses and support staff by supervisors and patient's relatives could be the reason for control as main component of motivation. perceived value for doing job and appropriate feedback with positive appraisal helps to keep high level of motivation of these employees…show more content…
Article provides insight into the application of various theories of motivation like Maslow's needs herirachial theory, McGregor’s Theory and Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. Higher order needs with Achievement, Self actualisation, Job satisfaction and other internal factors for motivation are discussed. Application of the five Is like Informal rather than formal approach, communicate well and allow employees to apply their own Initiative. If they are Informed, Invited for suggestions and Involved, they have a sense of ownership and autonomy with in the organization and stay motivated. Employees in health care institutes tend to be motivated more by intrinsic motivations and value congruence and person-environment fit is a crucial and integral component of their

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